49 NÄDAL  30.11.2020  - 06.12.2020
MASTER BOX Figures 1/24   order
MB24001 Pin-up series,Kit No.1 Marylin  new  
MB24002 Pin-up series, Kit No.2 Betty  new  
MB24003 Pin-up series, Kit No.3 Alice  new  
MB24004 Pin-up series,Kit No.4 Suzie  new  
MB24006 Pin-up series, Kit No.6 Samantha  new  
MB24015 Pin-up series.A Short Stop. Kit No.1  new  
MB24016 Pin-up series.A Short Stop. Kit No.2  new  
MB24017 Pin-up series.A Short Stop. Kit No.3  new  
MB24018 Marshal Jessie  new  
MB24019 Thunder Spirit  new  
MB24020 Sloan - Vegas Baby  new  
MB24021 Claire - Catch Me If You Can  new  
MB24022 Jackie - Hold On Tight  new  
MB24026 Kate I'II Be Right There  new  
MB24027 Ashley - Field Interview  new  
MB24028 Ali - Status Check  new  
MB24029 Bob and Sally - The Happy Couple new  
MB24033 Don't even think about...  new  
MB24041 Hitchhikers - Erica and Kery,Truckers seri Kit No.1  new  
MB24042 Stan (Long Haul)Thompson,Truckers series Kit No.2  new  
MB24044 Truckers series.Mike (Beach Boy) Barrington new  
MB24045 Truckers series.Joni (Lookout) Johnson & her dog Maxx  new  
MB24049 Bart and Radley (dog) What he really thinks of your car  new  
MB24052 Irene Leroi  new  
MB24060 Truckers series.Holy Roller Jordan , Jesus, Jamerson  new  
MB24061 Truckers series.Looking for a long haul partner,Mindy  new  
MB24062 Special Cargo, Handle wit care! Sandy and George  new  
MB24067 Dangerous Curves Series. Francoise  new