18 NÄDAL  03.05.2021  - 09.05.2021
VALLEJO Liquid Gold 35 ml.   order
70790 Silver (Alcohol base metallics) 35 ml.    
70791 Gold (Alcohol base metallics) 35 ml.    
70792 Old Gold (Alcohol base metallics) 35 ml.    
70793 Rich Gold (Alcohol base metallics) 35 ml.    
  Surface Primer    
70600 White 17 ml. Surface Primer    
70601 Grey 17 ml. Surface Primer    
70602 Black 17 ml. Surface Primer    
70609 Russian Green 4BO 17 ml. Surface Primer    
73601 Grey 60 ml. Surface Primer    
73606 Ger. Green Brown 60 ml. Surface Primer    
74601 Grey 200 ml. Surface Primer    
  The Shifters Sets    
77092 The Shifters Set - Galaxy Dust (6x 17ml)    
  Airbrush Mediums    
71261 Airbrush Thinner 261-17Ml    
71361 Airbrush Thinner 361-60Ml.    
71099 Airbrush Cleaner 85 ml.    
  Metal Color 32ml.    
77701 Aluminium 32ml.    
77702 Duraluminium 32ml.    
77703 Dark Aluminium 32ml.    
77704 Pale Burnt Metal 32ml.    
77706 White Aluminium 32ml.    
77710 Copper 32ml.    
77717 Dull Aluminium 32ml.    
77720 Gunmetal 32ml.    
77721 Burnt Iron 32ml.    
77723 Exhaust Manifold 32ml.    
77724 Silver 32ml.    
77725 Gold 32ml.    
77657 Gloss Metal Varnish 32ml    
  Pigments 35 ml.    
73101 Titanium White 35 ml.    
73102 Light Yellow Ochre 35 ml.    
73103 Dark Yellow Ochre 35 ml.    
73104 Light Sienna 35 ml.    
73105 Natural Sienna 35 ml.    
73106 Burnt Sienna 35 ml.    
73107 Dark Red Ochre 35 ml.    
73108 Brown Iron Oxide 35 ml.    
73109 Natural Umber 35 ml.    
73110 Burnt Umber 35 ml.    
73111 Green Earth 35 ml.    
73112 Chrome Oxide Green 35 ml.    
73115 Natural Iron Oxide 35 ml.    
73117 Rust 35 ml.    
73118 Fresh Rust 35 ml.    
73119 European Earth 35 ml.    
73120 Old Rust 35 ml.    
73121 Desert Dust 35 ml.    
  Model Wash 35 ml.    
76507 Dark Rust Wash 35 ml.    
76512 Dark Green Wash 35 ml.    
76513 Brown Wash 35 ml.    
76515 Light Grey Wash 35 ml.    
76516 Grey Wash 35 ml.    
76523 European Dust 35 ml.    
  Aerosols 400 ml.    
28001 Panzer Yellow Primer 400 ml. new  
28002 Panzer Grey Primer 400 ml.    
28003 Russian Green 4BO Primer 400 ml.    
28016 Scarlet Red Primer 400 ml.    
28018 Sun Yellow Primer 400 ml. new  
28031 Gunmetal Primer 400 ml. new  
  Acrylic Varnishes 60 ml.    
26517 Permanent Gloss Varnish 60 ml.    
  Polyurethane Varnish  60 ml.    
26652 Satin Varnish 60 ml.    
73596 Glaze Medium 60 ml.    
73597 Retarder 60 ml.    
28900 Brush Cleaner 85 ml.    
28890 Watercolor Brush Restorer  85 ml.    
26003 Pipettes Medium Size 8x3ml.    
26004 Pipettes Small Size 12x1ml.    
  Hobby Tools    
T04003 FlexiSander Dual Grit x3 (80x30x6mm)    
T06005 #68 Stencil Edge Blades (5) - for no.1 handle new  
T07002 Precision Masking Tape 1mmx18m - Twin Pack    
T07004 Precision Masking Tape 3mmx18m - Twin Pack    
T12004 #7 Stainless steel tweezers    
SC001 Paved Street Section new  
SC002 Rubble Street Section new  
SC104 31x21 Country Road Cross with Railway section new  
SC213 Assorted Garbage Bins (no. 2) new  
SC222 Panzerfaust 60 M Set new  
SC224 WWII German Food Containers new  
P15000 Round Toray Brush Triangular Handle No.0 Synthetic new  
P15001 Round Toray Brush Triangular Handle No.1 Synthetic new  
P15002 Round Toray Brush Triangular Handle No.2 Synthetic new  
P15003 Round Toray Brush Triangular Handle No.3 Synthetic new  
P15020 Round Toray Brush Triangular Handle No.2/0 Synthetic new  
P15030 Round Toray Brush Triangular Handle No.3/0 Synthetic new  
P54000 Round Toray Brush No.0 Synthetic new  
P54001 Round Toray Brush No.1 Synthetic new  
P54002 Round Toray Brush No.2 Synthetic new  
P54003 Round Toray Brush No.3 Synthetic new  
P54004 Round Toray Brush No.4 Synthetic new  
P54005 Round Toray Brush No.5 Synthetic new  
P54006 Round Toray Brush No.6 Synthetic new  
P54007 Round Toray Brush No.7 Synthetic new  
P54020 Round Toray Brush No.2/0 Synthetic new  
P54030 Round Toray Brush No.3/0 Synthetic new  
P54040 Round Toray Brush No.4/0 Synthetic new  
P54050 Round Toray Brush No.5/0 Synthetic new  
P54100 Round Toray Brush No.10/0 Synthetic new  
P54998 Toray Detail Set (Sizes 4/0, 3/0 & 2/0) Synthetic new  
P54999 Toray Detail Set (0, 1 & 2) Synthetic new  
ST-AFV001 Assorted German WWII Tank Markings new  
ST-AFV002 Drum Oil Markings new  
ST-AFV003 Soviet Numbers WWII new  
ST-AFV004 Soviet Slogans WWII Nº1 new  
ST-AFV005 Soviet Slogans WWII Nº2 new  
ST-AIR001 Weathered Paint 1/48 new  
ST-AIR002 Weathered Paint 1/72 new  
ST-AIR003 Access Trap Doors new  
ST-AIR004 USAF Markings new  
ST-CAM001 Luftwaffe WWII Shingles Camo new  
ST-CAM002 Luftwaffe WWII Spots Camo new  
ST-CAM003 Giraffe Camo WWII new  
ST-CAM004 Pixelated Modern Camo new  
ST-LET001 Vintage Garage Sign new  
ST-LET002 Stamp Font new  
ST-LET003 Street Art Nº1 new  
ST-LET004 Street Art Nº2 new  
ST-LET005 Vintage Motorcycles Sign new  
ST-SF001 Gear Markings new  
ST-SF002 Circle Textures new  
ST-SF003 Distorted Honeycomb new  
ST-SF004 Digital Numbers new  
ST-SF005 Radioactivity Signs new  
ST-TX001 Cracked Wall new  
ST-TX002 Tyre Markings new  
ST-TX003 Splash & Stains new  
ST-TX004 Petrol Spills new  
ST-TX005 Paint Stains new  
ST-TX006 Wood Texture Nº1 new  
ST-TX007 Wood Texture Nº2 new